Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander Reacts To Conway’s Controversial Trump-Russia CNN interview

White House mouth piece Kellyanne Conway is at it again.  The self-styled Counselor to the President appeared on CNN last night and sparred with host Chris Cuomo in a wide ranging interview.  For half an hour, Conway deflected and dodged his questions – as she’s known to do on just about every network except for friendly Fox News.

During one exchange, she tried to downplay the significance of Russia’s hacking operation  during the 2016 presidential election altogether, pathetically asking Cuomo, “How is it an issue of national security?”  Cuomo laid into her with a recitation of the facts, and when she tried to change subject, he skillfully steered the conversation back to Russia.

Still, as always, she managed to avoid getting cornered on the big questions and refused to acknowledge any wrong doing by the President.  A certain Seinfeld alum took notice of her performance and posted his thoughts on Twitter.

Jason Alexander, of course, played George Costanza on the massively successful 90’s sitcom.  He’s been a subtle but steady critic of the president’s for some time, and Kellyanne Conway’s dramatic turn on CNN last night must have pushed him over the edge.

You can see the entire interview for yourself below.

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