Radical Islamists are so despicable in their pursuit of Jihad that they are willing to send children to their deaths.

Security footage has been released depicting two Muslim boys in Israel launching an attack against a man with his back turned to them. The children started to stab the man, but they never expected him to be armed and defend himself.

The video is graphic, and it is hard to make out exactly what happened.

The two boys, aged 11 and 14, spotted an opportunity and rose from their seats to stab the man looking out the window. The man was stabbed multiple times in the chest and head, but he managed to push the young terrorists away and draw his weapon.

With no care for his own life, the 11-year-old boy charged at the man, who was forced to shoot. The boy can be seen falling to the ground. At this point, other passengers on the train stepped in to subdue the attackers.

Thankfully, the man who was attacked was a security guard who knew how to handle the situation. He received moderate injuries but is likely to recover. Showing great compassion towards his young assailants, he managed to shoot the boy in his abdomen, merely wounding him.

The boy was rushed to a nearby Israeli hospital in critical condition. The aftermath of the attack shows the gulf in culture between the Israelis and the Muslims surrounding them.


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